People in the Scene


Script Notes

Opening Scene

- news reporters introduce report

-send story to Washington DC

Washington, DC

- on scene reporter discusses law that people are trying to change

-interview people who want to change the law

- sends it to history professor in college

History Professor

- on scene reporter interviews professor

- professor tells us about the history of the law

-send it to Washington reporter

Washington, D.C

-on scene reporter tells us breaking news about

law changes

- send it to branch of


needed (judicial for Supreme Court, senate for Legislature, President for signature or veto)

Branch of Government

- reporter describes what is happening with the law

- is it an argument in the senate, a debate in the court, or a signing of a law

- send it back to anchor reporters

Closing Scene

- reporters close up, tell us briefly what just happened, answer the essential question and say goodbye