Prohibition of Alcohol
This website gives a brief history of Prohibition, and how it went from a state law to a
national law. It also explores how this law was enforced and the end result of Prohibition.

Prohibition Photos
This website shows different photos from the time period where Prohibition took place.

The Good and The Bad of the Beer Flood
This is an article that was published on April 29,1933 in the Literary Digest, after the law
against Prohibition was passed.

"A Look at Prohibition, Hardly Dry"
This recent article posted in the New York Times discusses The Rise and fall of Prohibition,
an illustration at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Prohibition Laws
This website shows the actions taken place before Prohibition was in effect.

The Volstead Act
The National Prohibition Act is also known as the Volstead Act established National
Prohibition against alcoholic beverages. This website explains the act.